3. Tutotial for JJ from Rimaz Kaleel on Vimeo.

    Oh.. When I said “sentence” I really meant “words”. Not to cut the words in the middle, because we are totally cutting sentences in the middle for edits.

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  8. Senseo Up from PlusOne on Vimeo.

    Iris Worldwide developed an app for the brand new Senseo Up. We were asked to create a playful, yet stylized film, which explains what the app is all about.

    A minimal color palette and flat approach was chosen to tell the story. A whimsical track was added to emphasize the friendly character. The app is basically about the simple and fun way to see how the new Senseo Up fits into your life. Using Augmented Reality, the various colors and features of the machine can be explored.

    Designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

    Client: Philips
    Commissioned by: Iris Worldwide
    Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
    Production: Marcel Vrieswijk
    Design: Harold van Velsen, Martijn Hogenkamp
    Additional Design: Cas Prins, Rob Wienk, Guido van Gemerden
    Motion Design: Rob Wienk, Cas Prins, Guido van Gemerden, Christiaan Vlok, Ola Tandstad
    Music and Sounds Design: Altitude Music
    Client: Iris Worldwide: Rachna Dhall, Tim Steur

    Follow us on:
    Twitter: twitter.com/plusoneams
    Facebook: facebook.com/plusoneamsterdam
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/plusone

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